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The Future of Marketing Unveiled

ROAI Mastermind Live 2024:

AI-Driven Marketing & Lead Mastery

Unlock the full potential of AI in your marketing strategy and lead generation.

Join the forefront of marketing innovation


2443 Impala Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92010 USA

Intersection Capital, Carlsbad, CA USA


February 17th - 19th, 2024

Why ROAI Mastermind is a Game-Changer?

Revolutionize Your Marketing Approach

It seems like everyone is talking about AI these days, you can hardly go an hour without hearing about the latest course or event … so we understand you might be a little overwhelmed.


Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

Master the art of creating a seamless 'straight-line' from attracting leads to securing sales with tailored AI tools.


Automation and AI in Marketing

Learn how to deploy AI for automating marketing campaigns and personalizing customer journeys.

The ROAI Difference

Optimize Your Lead Flow

Use real-time data and AI analytics to identify and capitalize on lead-generation opportunities.

Without ROAI

  • Inconsistent lead generation
  • ​​Overwhelming marketing tasks
  • Low conversion rates


  • AI-driven targeting and segmentation
  • Automation tools for efficiency
  • ​Personalized AI customer experiences

Your Path to Marketing Excellence

Embark on the AI Marketing Journey with ROAI 

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Curated Sessions for Peak Performance

Tailored Content for Explosive Growth

Creating Your Marketing Ecosystem

Build a robust marketing system that aligns with your business vision and leverages AI for peak performance.

Marketing Automation Deep Dive

Explore advanced tools and methodologies to automate your marketing efforts and drive engagement.

Data-Driven Lead Generation

Learn to interpret your business data to create a high-converting lead generation engine.

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with ROAI

Early-Bird Limited Offer

Testimonials: Success Unlocked

Hear from Our Satisfied Attendees

Tim McPhee

Private Banker

"Whether I am in a conversation, hearing him speak or consuming his writing Peter always challenges me with a hilarious wit and a profound intellect!"

Jeff Peoples


"Peter is an amazing entrepreneur that has so much experience in real life business growth. You will always learn something just from being with Peter."

John Santiago


"Whether I am in a conversation, hearing him speak or consuming his writing Peter always challenges me with a hilarious wit and a profound intellect!"

Early Bird Pricing & Limited Seats Available !

Your Agenda for Growth

Detailed Itinerary

Early-Bird Limited Offer

Day 1

AI Foundations

Understanding Your Audience

Dive into how AI can revolutionize audience understanding. Explore tools and techniques for gathering and analyzing customer data to drive targeted marketing strategies.

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Day 2

Marketing Automation

Engagement Strategies/straight line marketing plan

Learn about automating your marketing for maximum efficiency. Focus on crafting engagement strategies and streamlined marketing plans using AI.

Early-Bird Limited Offer

Day 3

Analytics and Insights

Closing the Loop

Master the art of turning analytics into actionable insights. See how AI can close the loop between data collection and marketing execution.

Learn from the Pioneers

World-Class Thought Leaders

Meet the visionaries who are reshaping the world of AI Marketing.


Best Selling Author, Speaker, and AI EnTHUSIAST

Peter Swain combines his extensive marketing background with a passion for AI to empower businesses. With a rich history of guiding major tech projects, he brings clarity to the complex world of AI, making it accessible for all levels of business.

  • Experienced Marketer: A solid track record of 25+ years working with leading tech companies.
  • ​AI Advocate: Dedicated to making AI understandable and useful for business strategy.
  • Inspirational Speaker: Known for engaging presentations that connect AI with practical business solutions.


AI ENTHUSIAST, Speaker, and IT expert

Brian Michaud brings a wealth of IT experience and a dynamic approach to crypto investment strategies. As a certified NLP coach and an engaging speaker, he empowers professionals with the tools for transformation and success in the digital age.

  • IT and Crypto Expertise: A decade-plus journey in IT culminating in a focus on cryptocurrency strategy.
  • ​Certified NLP Coach: Leveraging NLP techniques to enhance executive leadership and personal growth.
  • ​Engaging Speaker: Combining professional speaking skills with deep technical knowledge to inspire and educate.


Sales Virtuoso and Master Negotiator

Oren Klaff is renowned for his expertise in sales, capital raising, and negotiation. As a bestselling author and seasoned capital markets authority, he brings a wealth of knowledge and practical tactics to every discussion, making complex deals seem simple.

  • Bestselling Author: Author of "Pitch Anything" and "Flip The Script," guiding through the intricacies of persuasive communication.
  • Capital Raising Expert: Over $2 billion managed in trade volume, showcasing a deep understanding of the investment landscape.
  • ​Negotiation Pro: Recognized for his ability to close deals and teach others the art of negotiation in high-stakes environments.

Insights from the Forefront

Gain a Competitive Edge

Transform your marketing strategy with AI

Secure Your Future Now!

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3 days. Incredible speakers. One Personalized AI Marketing Plan to apply to every area of your business to make 2024 your most Powerful Year!

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  • ​Hands-on workshops
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3 days. Incredible speakers. One Personalized AI Marketing Plan to apply to every area of your business to make 2024 your most Powerful Year!

  • Attend from anywhere in the world
  • ​live-stream access to all sessions​

  • Ability to interact virtually
  • ​convenience and comfort of absorbing insights from your own space

Key Takeaways

What You'll Take Home

AI Marketing Blueprint

This topic focuses on creating a comprehensive plan using AI for effective marketing. It covers strategies for integrating AI into various marketing channels and campaigns, ensuring a cohesive and targeted approach that leverages AI's analytical strengths.

Automation Tactics

Here, the emphasis is on utilizing AI for automating marketing tasks. The session explores different tools and methods for streamlining processes like email marketing, customer segmentation, and content distribution, making marketing efforts more efficient and data-driven.

Data Analysis Competencies

This area delves into the skills required to analyze and interpret data using AI tools. It focuses on understanding customer behaviors, market trends, and campaign performance, enabling marketers to make informed decisions based on data insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? We’ve got answers!

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